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Have you ever been part of an exhilarating team-building seminar where everyone is all smiles, having a blast, and charting out the course for the year ahead? Yet, six weeks later, it seems like those great moments have faded away? 😕 It’s the same when you prepare a project and when the plan is not followed..

So, how can we ensure that tangible actions actually follow a seminar or project plan? Drawing from two decades of team coaching experience, here are some of our best practices. This post is the 3rd in a series of 8, focused on enhancing team robustness. 🌐

  1. Integration, Not Isolation: A seminar isn’t a one-off event; it’s a pivotal piece of a strategic transformational move. Involve participants right from the start of the transformation journey and ensure their input shapes the preparation. Engage early adopters, champions, or catalysts—representing diverse services and personalities—to co-create an event deeply rooted in your company’s culture. Consider surprising, but don’t risk losing alignment with the local culture. 🌍
  2. Personal Touch, Collective Impact: Prioritize individuals before the collective. Equip each participant with a personalized item—a tool to better understand different kinds of personalities, a book, a team-signed T-shirt, or a thoughtful gift—as a conversation starter post-event. It’s about creating a lasting memory that drives ongoing discussions. 🎁
  3. Awaken All Senses: True assimilation requires stimulation beyond the brain. Engage all senses—visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory—to foster connections between sensations, emotions, experiences, and decisions. For instance, propose to align fruits with your team’s values and then collaborate to craft meals or cocktails with them. To anchor emotions, you can also propose to learn how to express them via artful expressions (2D drawing or 3D masterpiece). And why not play? An excellent chance to create a lasting memory!🍉🎨
  4. Cultivating Collective Intelligence: Avoid monologues lasting more than 20 minutes. At work, it’s increasingly difficult to find time for in-depth discussion: take advantage of this precious time to open up dialogue and explore a multitude of topics. Small-group conversations about personal passions, brainstorming sessions in search of ideas, mini-video competitions featuring sub-teams, or even playful bets on organizational projects.💬
  5. Celebrating Success of Next Steps: At the seminar’s close, appoint task owners for follow-ups, but more importantly, establish a shared vision of how next successes will be celebrated. 🎉

By nurturing such a culture, you’re fostering a more sustainable collective consensus and strategic alignment. Your team’s robustness and performance will thrive, built on a strong foundation of shared purpose. 💪🚀 All these components are encompassed within our Teamersive workshop – let’s give it a try! 😄👍