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Ever wondered how to infuse purpose into an action or strategy? Picture this: You’re a team leader or project manager, handed a fresh mission to tackle alongside your team. You understand that one key to success in this mission is to give it meaning. Yet, amidst the ongoing crisis, time is a luxury you can’t spare for an elaborate plan. Here’s a snapshot of my best practices. I’m eager to hear yours too!

In my personal playbook, I begin by finding meaning within myself before sharing it with my team members. I ask myself four questions:

  1. How will this mission make a difference?
  2. How does this mission align with my values?
  3. What convinces me of the mission’s success?
  4. What concrete results do I aim for, ones that will make me/us proud?

Armed with these insights, I weave a narrative — one that relates what’s proposed to the experiences, motivations, and skills of my team. I employ metaphors closely tied to our company culture. Remember, a 3D object has far more impact than an image on a slide!

A few years back, I elucidated the benefits of launching an improvement project using a video of my daughter learning to ride a bike. I even brought in the actual bike to show the 300 attendees. I had removed the pedals, just like in the video, to illustrate the need to simplify sometimes in order to go farther, faster.

Now, I’m eager to know: How have you instilled meaning in your projects? Share your insights and let’s fuel our collective wisdom! 💡🚀 #LeadershipJourney #PurposeDriven #TeamSuccess