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Are we still communicating today? 🗣️

When we work with teams that are doing well, we often hear, « The secret to our team is communication: we talk all the time, no taboos. » But when turbulence hits, we hear, « They always misinterpret what I say; they disrespect me! » This raises the question, « Are we really communicating when things are going well to prepare for the tougher moments? » We often discuss urgencies and daily matters, but do we make room to truly get to know each other?

Here are some valuable topics to address when everything is going well in the team:

1️⃣ What matters to you right now? In times of crisis?

2️⃣ What are our strengths that could turn into weaknesses in a crisis?

3️⃣ Even if things become difficult, where would we like to go together?

Do you take the time to have in-depth conversations to enhance your team’s resilience? What do you discuss with your team during these « breathing » moments?

At Teamersive, we assist you in improving your performance and resilience during times of crisis or uncertainty. Establishing consistent, effective, respectful, and honest communication within a team requires intentional processes and special attention to each team member’s needs. Here are some ways to achieve this:

1️⃣ Define the team’s communication values collectively.

2️⃣ Ensure diversity and heterogeneity in the group to develop collective intelligence.

3️⃣ Encourage active listening (without interruption or judgment).

4️⃣ Foster a climate of trust, both in terms of skills and behavior.

5️⃣ Dare to ask for and receive help; it enhances teamwork.

6️⃣ Identify the most appropriate communication channels for different types of messages and contexts (such as crisis or projects).

7️⃣ Regularly organize meetings (formal and informal) and exchange feedback, even and especially when everything is going well. Be prepared to handle crises without being hindered by communication delays.