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How to Scientifically Improve Team Performance and Resilience in the Face of the Unknown?

That’s the question Teamersive addresses in partnership with François Lambotte’s team at UCL and ZeroLatency.

A team consists of 11 individuals. A first group of 6 people was immersed in a virtual reality environment with free movement, observed by the other 5 members of the team. The 5 observers chose one person from the first team to accompany them in their own test.


  • The second team had an overall score 11% higher for performance compared to the first.
  • The participant who played twice improved his performance by 28%, while the rest of the team was 7% better than the first colleagues, due to observation only.
  • Overall (based on many other cases), we observed a 12% performance increase for a group of 6 people through practice.

You don’t need to be a military person to be interested in our approach; all team leaders must face the unknown with high-performing teams! Contact us to learn more!