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This is the question Teamersive addresses in partnership with François Lambotte‘s team at UCL and Zero Latency Brussels.
Our quantitative analyses allow us to identify at least 3 criteria:
1- Take the time to define a strategy. Your average resilience then increases by 22% (33% if you are a team of 6, 15% if you are 8), with consistent performance.
2- Ensure that the objective is consensus-driven. Compared to a team without a clearly discussed objective, an aligned team will be 34% more effective, while a misaligned team will be 30% less effective.
3- Put it into practice. Immerse the team in a surprising and tense situation, then allow time for debriefing: you will then increase performance by 28%, whereas without allowing time for debriefing, the improvement is only 3% for a team of 8 people.
You don’t need to be a military officer or a business angel to be interested in our approach; all team leaders must face the unknown with high-performing teams! Contact us to learn more! Next demo sessions: Mar-21, Apr-17
Kudo to our last team members. Marie Berranger, HASSEN LTAIEF, Alexia van Daele, Arlène Derbaix, Fabienne Roijer, Eloise, François et Damien.