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Is it better to prepare technically or organizationally before facing the unknown?
This is the question Teamersive addresses in partnership with François Lambotte’s team at UCL and ZeroLatency Brussels.

Compared to teams participating solely for fun, those approaching with a mindset of improvement are 5% more effective and, notably, 33% more resilient, achieved with a short 15-minute preparation balanced between technical and organizational aspects.

If the preparation involves a 30-minute communication of advice without allowing the team time to self-organize, the result is counterproductive, leading to a decrease in both performance and resilience compared to a team joining for fun.

However, when the team takes 30 minutes to self-organize with limited technical advice, performance increases by 18% and resilience by 60% compared to a team joining for fun. This was clearly demonstrated by the team at our recent discovery session. Kudos to them!

You don’t need to be in the military to appreciate our approach; all team leaders must confront the unknown with high-performing teams! Contact us to learn more!